How to get sex out of the bedroom?

you stuck with sex in the bedroom and don’t go outside? Why? Because children behind the wall, because it does not fall, because the neighbors can look? A way to love outside the bedroom can always be found, and sex with a hint of excitement and adrenaline can be truly unearthly!

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Try sex in other parts of your home!

In the bathroom? Although in movies it looks extremely simple, but itis not so, so if you want to transfer your frolic to the bathroom, think about some ways not to drown in the bathtub, not kill in the shower and not pay colossal water bills;)

If you want to make love in a tub full of water, that’s okay. Great idea; however, invest in appropriate humidifiers that will facilitate your penetration in water. If you want to start playing in the shower, then take care of yourself and … soap, so that sometimes these frolic games will not cause losses in people …;)

Or maybe sex in the window? Evening, warmair … and neighbors … A bit of perversionhas not hurt anyoneyet. Of course, we do not urgeyou to knowhow “perverted” behavior, but sex in the window, which is visible from the houses opposite, has not harmed anyone and a bit of adrenaline that someone can cover you will be anadditional excitement …;)

Stairs? Have you ever been so horny that you wanted to pounce on your woman while still in the staircase or on the stairs to the bedroom? Then finally do it. Sex on the stairs is amazing! Standing, doggy, sitting … There are many positions to make love on the stairs … Tryit!

Do you have your own garden? Have you ever had a … No !?There are so many places to make love! Sex in the bosom of natureis a wonderfulthing, and the garden next to the house gives you such a chance and at any time of the day or night! So if you only have the opportunity to isolate yourself from your neighbors in your garden … let’s do it! Harce in the garden will kindle you to the limits! A small hint: Try to avoid contact with the ground, especially if your bodies are naked …

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